Color Obession

I have always possessed a passion for color; the brighter the better. I quickly learned the vibrant colors I loved, bright purples, yellows, reds, were not on my wardrobe color wheel. Alas, I am a winter. This blunted my color expression in fashion. Another love, the wonderful world of out doors, with it’s abundant plant life. Flowers scream color. Unfortunately severe hay fever nixed that avenue. But yarn, well yarn you could find in any hue imaginable. Yarn is portable and affordable, perfect for a quick color fix.  So, yarn and yarn crafts are my color outlets of choice. This blog will dabble in all fields of the bright and vibrant: people, food, animals, and yes, the outdoors. The main focus, however,  will be on yarn and anything to do with yarn crafts.  Bring your sunglasses, it’s gonna get bright in here.


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