The New Look in Crochet Bags

A friend had a birthday and I wanted to make her something special. I had some yarn and free time so set out to find something quick I could make. I was surprised at how far crochet bags had come. They were beautiful and colorful, and not at all what I had imagined a crochet bag would look like.  There were super slouchy bags, that wouldn’t make you look like a slob.

I found super sweet bags that would make little girls “Squee!” with delight.

Girls Bag / Purse with Ladybug and Flowers , Crochet Pattern PDF,Easy,

There were also exquisite pieces of art that I could never attempt in a million years, but they were a dazzling feast for the eyes.

Finally I happened across the cutest, most colorful bag pattern from Lucy at Attic 24.


I thought it was so adorable! I would have loved to have that bag for myself. It looked simple enough for a beginner bagger. It was pretty simple, but having the wrong size crochet hook and only some of the colors she used, i created this:


I hope Lucy forgives me for the comparison to her gorgeous bag. It came out cute, in a loud, funky sort of way. I learned just because I loved color, didn’t mean I knew how to use it. Now I am trying to educating myself on the use of color. I did manage to learn how to make a sweet crochet flower along the way.

At the same time I began my colorful slouch bag endeavor, my Boho Chic middle daughter found this pattern for a Crochet Market Bag by Very Berry Handmade,

Slouchy Market Bag

and made her own, which turned out very lovely! (Using Caron’s Simply Soft Acrylic Yarn)


Numerous hints that her mother would LOVE to have a bag like this one have been ignored. I guess I’ll be making my own. I think I’ll go with a Peach, Brown and White, so we can tell ours apart.

Not to be outdone, I bought some more yarn, and various sized hooks and searched for the perfect bag to make. I’m afraid I got a little Pin happy. All my facebook friends hate me now, because I forgot Pinterest was posting to facebook every time I pinned a new find. I eventually settled on a bag I thought would be pretty simple, especially since we were toying with the idea of selling them online. This Shelled Shopped Bag, by Tyrneathem on Ravelry, struck my fancy.

Lots of vibrant color, but in a bright, cheery sort of way, not the scary, clown with his make up running fiasco of my first attempt.

I don’t think I did half bad. Of course I had to go with my favorite color: Purple!

(Made with Bernat  Handicrafter Cotton, Cotton Candy Collection)

If you have a hankering for some color to spice up your day, and you have a few hours to blow on Pinterest, or even Google images, looking up crochet bags, it would be worth  your while. There are plenty of patterns out there to try and many, simple to make, like the Shell Shocked bag. If you aren’t hook minded, you can find plenty for sell on Etsy. Check out my shop Vibrant Daze Creations for the above Purple beauty, and more to come in the future.

I personally can’t wait to get started on my own Crochet Market Bag, but am currently trying to muddle my way through making a backpack for my youngest from a Dutch website,  with no true pattern. it’s fighting me, but I’m determined to persevere. Updates on my progress will follow.

Color Obession

I have always possessed a passion for color; the brighter the better. I quickly learned the vibrant colors I loved, bright purples, yellows, reds, were not on my wardrobe color wheel. Alas, I am a winter. This blunted my color expression in fashion. Another love, the wonderful world of out doors, with it’s abundant plant life. Flowers scream color. Unfortunately severe hay fever nixed that avenue. But yarn, well yarn you could find in any hue imaginable. Yarn is portable and affordable, perfect for a quick color fix.  So, yarn and yarn crafts are my color outlets of choice. This blog will dabble in all fields of the bright and vibrant: people, food, animals, and yes, the outdoors. The main focus, however,  will be on yarn and anything to do with yarn crafts.  Bring your sunglasses, it’s gonna get bright in here.